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Plastic Injection Mold and Parts

Polymer, general plastic and engineering plastic are quite common and widely applied over all industrial fields. ApexCraft is good at electronic and automotive plastic injection moldings.

Auto Components
Auto Components

Concerning the light-weight auto parts field, using fiberglass or high tension engineering plastic raw material is more often than before. Therefore, durable injection mold and experienced injection skills are made the mass production easier.

Auto Bearing Cage

Referring to electronic molding, the elegant injection exterior surface and well-controlled shrinkage is the key issue to match the demands.

Molding with metal inserts

For further enquiry, please let us know the following info.
  1. Plastic Material & Estimated Production Quantity for mold material selection.
  2. Cavity Number. 2, 4 or 8 Cavities or More Cavities.
  3. Cold Runner or Hot Runner.
  4. (Optional) Surface Grain Type.
  5. (Optional) Inserting Metal Parts Molding.
  6. (Optional) Generate 3D drawing by Reversed Engineering.
  7. (Optional) Polymer Rapid Prototype (RP) Sampling.
RP Sample

Any plastic injection molding or plastic injection information, please contact us.